Programming tutorials, algorithms analysis, code examples, YouTube videos, graphic visualizations, and more.

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Documentation for the Towel code framework.

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A blog for the developer(s) of the Towel framework.

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Don't forget your towel.

Computer programming is easier than most people think. With a well designed framework, accurate documentation, and simple tutorials, anyone can turn their imagination into a fully realized computer program.

The Towel code framework is an open source C# .Net Standard library with mathematics, data structures, algorithms, extensions, and more. Although the framework is written in C#, many of the concepts and designs carry over into any programming language out there.

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New to programming?

If you are new to programming, the tutorials in the education pages of this website will help you get started.

Experienced Programmer?

If you are an experienced programmer, you probably want to jump into the source code and start checking it out.